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Prof. Flaksman about Boris
02.11.07 07:37

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Вземи в gLOG

  Boris Nedialkov - cellist, is one of the most talented young musicians in his generation. He has already received considerable recognition in his home country - Bulgaria, and through his precosious study at the Music University in Mannheim and his participation in international master classes (Frankfurt/Oder, Kronber Academy, etc.) he is making a name for himself in Germany too.

  In his cello playing Boris combines great personal individuality and a pronounced virtuoso gift with a sense for research. As a person and interpretive artist he demonstrates remarkable maturity for his young age. He fascinates audiences not merely through impressive technical prowess but in particular through the depth and immediacy of his musical vision.

  It is both a pleasure and indeed a pressing duty to add out names to those who forsee an importanta musical future for this exceptional young artist.

Prof. Michael Flaksman - Vice President 

Jelena Ocic  

University of Music and Performing Arts - Mannheim, Gemany






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