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Review by Associate Prof. Gagov
02.11.07 07:41

Recital on June 6, 2006
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A concert to remember  

I had the pleasure to hear the performance of a young cellist, named  Boris Nedialkov, who had a recital within the framework of  Sofia Music Weeks festival ( June 6, 2006, hall No.8 of the National Palace of Culture).   

The 13 years old Boris surprised the audience with his profound understanding of music, instrumental and interpretational skills, altogether quite unusual for his age. He dealt with an enviable ease with a very serious repertoire, comprising works of three epochs – from baroque to the present day, that even an experienced performer would have found challenging.  Boris’s performance was truly emotional and yet very controlled, as he managed to convey very convincingly the style and character of every single piece.  Judging only from the quality of his sound, the subtle nuances and colour changes he made, one could not have possibly guessed the performer was just a teenage boy. Moreover, a boy having an artistic charm so powerful that the audience was literally grasped breathless.  He caught the attention of everyone and imposed a complete, almost palpable silence in the concert hall.  

Credits deserves Boris’ teacher at the National School of Music, Mrs. Annie Atanassova, for her courage to overcome the limitations of the regular curricula and for her true sense of how this young cellist’s  huge musical potential should be engaged and developed.  

It was one of those concerts that one goes to without expecting much, but in the end leaves with the feeling of having encountered something really special..   

There is no doubt what will be the future of this young artist.  He has given us every reason to believe he has got what it takes to become a great musician and conquer the world stages.    

Nikolai Gagov                                                             

Sofia , June 07, 2006 

Associate Professor at the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov” 

Member of Sofia quartet

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